Maintenance Mobile Line Stations

The mobile line stations are designed and produced in our company for distance aircraft maintenance and repair in hostile environment and consist of two containers named as field repair workshops supplied with sun and water protected awning.

During transportation they are based on the trailer. The hydraulic crane, 3-phase diesel generator and umbrella are also installed on the trailer. All it allows to perform full-pledged maintenance and repair.

When trailer is transported to operating field by vehicle or helicopter it will be ready for maintenance on less then one-hour time. The field Workshops are equipped with all necessary tools for helicopter maintenance as well as oil spectral analysis unit, non-destructive inspection device, engine washing device, optical engine monitoring device, main rotor blade repair kit, balancing equipment, ultra-sonic filter's cleaning device and other necessary equipment.

Hydraulic crane mounted on trailer allows smooth loading and unloading of the workshops and other useful equipment, safe holding of umbrella over engine, main gearbox or other working area during day or night maintenance.

Moreover crane helps to change any heavy helicopter unit in field, like engine, main gearbox, tail boom etc.